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ABADI, Dr. Shima    Spectral Analysis of Airgun Pulses During Marine Seismic Reflection Surveys Sound Propagation
ABRAHAM, Douglas    Matched-filter mismatch loss from within-pulse time-varying platform motion Sonar Signal Processing
ABRAHAM, Douglas    Removal of periodic interference using the Farey dictionary Acoustic Signal Processing
ACKER, Mr. tim    Evaluation of new hydroacoustic system for fine scale assessment and mapping of aquatic vegetation and substrate classification Exhibitor Technical Talks
ACKER, Mr. tim    Specialized Tools for Biological Assessment Using Split Beam Sonar Hydroacoustics Exhibitor Technical Talks
ACKER, Mr. tim    Debris plant flux in fresh water by acoustic echosounder Exhibitor Technical Talks
AHN, Dr. Jongmin    Machine Learning based Dolphin Whistle Tranceiver for Bio-insipred Underwater Covert Communication Acoustic Comunications
ALI, Mr. Wael    SeaVizKit: Interactive Maps for Ocean Visualization Data Visualization
ALMANZA-MEDINA, Mr. José    Imaging sonar simulator for assessment of image registration techniques Imaging & Vision
ALMEIDA, Mr. Carlos    Underwater radon monitoring in flooded mining environments Posters Presentations
ALVES, Joao    The first JANUS Interoperability Fest - a field report Acoustic Comunications
ANTUNES, Hugo    Autonomous Identification and Tracking of Thermoclines with a Vertical Profiler using Extremum Seeking Control Posters Presentations
BAE, Jun Han    Development of an Unmanned Surface Vehicle for Remote Sediment Sampling with a Van Veen Grab Sampler Surface Vehicles
BAUMANN, Dr. David    Techniques for Scaled Underwater Reverberation Measurements Sound Propagation
BERTASKA, Dr. Ivan    Dynamic Characterization of the Crew Module Uprighting System for the NASA Orion Crew Module Surface Vehicles
BERTHOMIER, Dr. Thibaud    Target Localization in Synthetic Aperture Sonar Imagery using Convolutional Neural Networks Synthetic Aperture Sonar
BHATTACHARYA, Dr. Saptarshi    Grid value propositions for tidal based generation resources - a temporal analysis Ocean Energy
BINGHAM, Dr. Brian    Toward Maritime Robotic Simulation in Gazebo Coordinated Multi-Vehicles
BOBADILLA, Dr. Leonardo    Navigation and Localization via Wave Interference Patterns: An approach inspired by Marshallese Stick Charts Vehicle Navigation
BORGES DE SOUSA, Prof. João    Optimizing autonomous underwater vehicle routes with the aid of high resolution ocean models Systems & Observations
BOYACIOGLU, Mr. Burak    Towards Auto-tuning of Kalman Filters for Underwater Gliders based on Consistency Metrics Glider Navigation
BRANHAM, Dr. Charles    Field Performance of an ISFET based Profiling pH Sensor Posters Presentations
BREMNES, Mr. Jens    Intelligent Risk-Based Under-Ice Altitude Control for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles AUV Path Planning
BROWN, Hunter    Toward Longitudinal Reef Health Monitoring in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary using L3 OceanServer Iver AUVs Imaging & Vision
BROWN, Hunter    Cooperative Underwater Survey with an L3 Unmanned Maritime Systems Iver UUV and Strategic Robotic Systems FUSION ROV Coordinated Multi-Vehicles
BRZENSKI, Jared    Coupling GCCOM, A Curvilinear Rigid Lid Ocean Model with Swash for Analysis of Free Surface Conditions Numerical Modeling
BUCKLEY, Mr. Ian    A Backstepping Approach for Networked Control of a Multi-Vehicle Team of Autonomous Under-Ice Profilers Coordinated Multi-Vehicles
CANDY, Dr. JAMES    Processing Noisy Vibration Responses of Dynamic Structural Flight Data: Single or Multichannel Approach? Acoustic Signal Processing
CARLON, Mr. Ryan    Wave Gliders and Extreme Sea State Condition Testing Exhibitor Technical Talks
CASSOL, Mr. Willian    Spatial-temporal migration dynamics of submarine dunes in the St. Lawrence River. Currents
CHAVE, Rene    Development of an Ice Profiling Sonar (IPS) with a Logarithmic Detector - Field Results Exhibitor Technical Talks
CHEN, Mr. Rui    Robustness Analysis of a Convolutional Neural Network Approach to Source-Range Estimation in a Simulated Arctic Environment Acoustic Signal Processing
CHEN, Tian    An improved fast real-time imaging approach based on C6678 DSP array and parallel pipeline in sonar Sonar Signal Processing
CHEN, Mr. Weizhe    Long-Term Autonomous Ocean Monitoring with Streaming Samples Numerical Modeling
CHEN, Mr. Xinwei    Automatic Identification of Rain-contaminated Regions in X-band Marine Radar Images Posters Presentations
CHU, Dr. Dezhang    2018 Unmanned Surface Vehicle (Saildrone) acoustic survey off the west coasts of the United States and Canada Bioacoustics
CONDIOTTY, Jeff     John Ehrenberg: A personal perspective Fisheries Acoustics: Honoring the Contributions of John E. Ehrenberg
CONSI, Dr. Thomas    Fishbots: Bio-Inspired Marine Robots Give Students a Hands-On Introduction to Fluid Mechanics Education and Outreach
COPPING, Dr. Andrea    A Risk Retirement Pathway for Potential Effects of Underwater Noise and Electromagnetic Fields for Marine Renewable Energy Development Ocean Energy
CUMBEE, Mr. Stephen    Wirewalker Experiences With Two Navy-Funded Systems Utilizing Iridium Communications Moorings & Cables
DALLOLIO, Mr. Alberto    Long-Endurance Green Energy Autonomous Surface Vehicle Control Architeture Surface Vehicles
DE MAGISTRIS, Dr. Giovanni    Automatic Object Classification for Low-Frequency Active Sonar using Convolutional Neural Networks Target Localization & Classification
DE MOUSTIER, Christian    Detection and Clustering of Acoustic Backscatter from Hydrothermal Vent Plumes Sonar Signal Processing
DEEB, Ms. Amy    Intelligent subsea lander network to support resident AUVs for long duration under-ice ocean observations Polar and Under Ice
DENG, Hanbo    Weather Optimal Area Keeping Intermittent Control Based on Reducing Energy Consumption of USV Surface Vehicles
DENNISTON, Mr. Christopher    Comparison of Path Planning Approaches for Harmful Algal Bloom Monitoring AUV Path Planning
DIDDAMS, Mr. Michael    A Low-Level USV Controller Incorporating an Environmental Disturbance Observer Vehicle Control
DILLON, Dr. Jeremy    Resolution Measurement for Synthetic Aperture Sonar Synthetic Aperture Sonar
DONG, Dr. Yuhan    Polarized Complex Modulation for Underwater Wireless Optical Communications Instrumentation
DUNLAP, Mr. John    Buoyancy-adjusting Profiling Floats for Exploration of Heat Transport, Melt Rates, and Mixing in the Ocean Cavities Under Floating Ice Shelves Polar and Under Ice
DUPONT, Mr. Vincent    A region growing algorithm adapted to bathymetric point clouds Posters Presentations
FENG, Mr. Ziang    Analysis of influencing factors of complex fluid velocity measurement based on cross correlation algorithm Current Measurement
FERRETTI, Stephen    Using Unmanned Surface Vehicles Harbor Security and Disaster Mitigation and Relief Surface Vehicles
FLAGG, Mr. Ryan    Integrated Monitoring Systems for Coastal Communities Polar & Under Ice
FLORINSKY, Dr. Igor    Three-dimensional, low-resolution desktop geomorphometric modelling of the Arctic Ocean floor Data Visualization
FLORY, Mr. John    Neural Network Analysis of Passing Ship Forces and Moments in Confined Channels Vessel Performance
FOLTS, Mr. Greg    DOLPHIN, an enabling technology for undersea acoustics Exhibitor Technical Talks
FOLTS, Mr. Gregory    Development and Test Results of an Angled Look Sonar Modified to be a Continuous Active Sonar Resulting in Full Swath Nadir Coverage Exhibitor Technical Talks
FOOTE, Dr. Kenneth    Acoustic sampling volume revisited Fisheries Acoustics: Honoring the Contributions of John E. Ehrenberg
FRANCKE, Kristina    Study of Wave Breaking Through Spectral Analysis of the Dissipated Sound Energy Acoustic Oceanography
FU, Tao    Integrating Hybrid-Clustering and Localized Regression for Time Synchronization of a Hierarchical Underwater Acoustic Sensor Array Sonar & Transducers
FU, Prof. Xianping    Underwater Image Enhancement via L2 based Laplacian Pyramid Fusion Imaging & Vision
FUJITA, Dr. Isamu    A Short Note on Meshfree PDE-constrained Optimization using Moving Least Squares Numerical Modeling
FURUSHIMA, Dr. Yasuo    Characteristics of deep sea turbulent flow fluctuation near the sea bottom at Izena Cauldron in the Okinawa Trough, Japan Currents
GALLAGHER, Mr. Dennis    LED Air Warning System (LAWS) for First Responder/Public Safety Divers: A New Product Development-based Senior Capstone Design Project Education and Outreach
GALLAGHER, Mr. Dennis    Advanced Head-Up Display System for Closed Circuit Rebreathers Instrumentation
GAO, Dr. Qiaoling    Development on the Deep-Sea Biological Temperature-retaining and Pressure-retaining Sampler Offshore Structures
GARCIA MEDINA, Dr. Gabriel    A Modeling Assessment for Marine-Hydrokinetic Energy in the Alaska Region Posters Presentations
GARG, Mr. Shubham    Heuristics-based Adaptive Biased Random Walk Algorithm for Chemical Source Localization using AUVs Target Localization and Classification
GEILHUFE, Dr. Marc    Through-the-sensor sharpness estimation for synthetic aperture sonar images Synthetic Aperture Sonar
GHARAYBEH, Zaid    Telerobotic Control in Virtual Reality Pollution
GIRON-NAVA, Alfredo    The risk of oversimplification in fisheries management Aquaculture & Fish Technology
GOLDEN, Mr. Danny    Zero-fuel open-ocean going tugs, and applications for the large scale collection of ocean plastics. Plastics in the Ocean
GORTON, Dr. Alicia    Contributing to Long-term Wind Resource Characterization through Buoy-Based Observations of Meteorological and Oceanographic Conditions Lidar
GRAUPE, Cristian    Preliminary results for glider localization in the Beaufort Duct using broadband acoustic sources at long range Polar and Under Ice
GREEN, Dr. Rebecca    Enabling Power at Sea: Opportunities for Expanded Ocean Observations through Marine Renewable Energy Integration Ocean Energy for Ocean Observations
GUMUSTEL, Derya    Microplastic Detection via Optical Sensors and Machine Learning Posters Presentations
GUO, Dr. Tingting    Research on the Recycle System for the Unmanned Surface Vehicle Based on the NAR Neural Network Surface Vehicles
GUO, Mr. Yong    Short-range velocity field observation by coastal acoustic tomography Acoustic Oceanography
GUPTA, Abhinav    Plastic Pollution in the Coastal Oceans: Characterization and Modeling Plastics in the Ocean
GUPTA, Mr. Abhinav    Fish Modeling and Bayesian Learning for the Lakshadweep Islands Aquaculture & Fish Technology
GUPTA, Abhinav    Flowmaps and Coherent Sets for Characterizing Residence Times and Connectivity in Lagoons and Coral Reefs: The Case of the Red Sea Numerical Modeling
HAJJ ALI, Wael    Stochastic Oceanographic-Acoustic Prediction and Bayesian Inversion for Wide Area Ocean Floor Mapping Acoustic Oceanography
HALL, Kenneth    Training UUV Navigation and Contact Avoidance with Reinforcement Learning AUV Path Planning
HARADA, Mr. Kazumasa    Experimental study on collision avoidance procedures for plastic waste cleaner USV Surface Vehicles
HAVER, Samara    Temporal patterns of vessel noise and humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) song in the Buck Island Reef National Monument, U.S. Virgin Islands Posters Presentations
HAYES, Dr. Daniel    The SMART Cable: a programmable, standard interface between sensors and marine observing platforms Posters Presentations
HAYES, Dr. Daniel    The DeepEcho Module: a wide-band echosounder for ocean gliders Posters Presentations
HERON, Mal    Autonomous Ocean Observations in the Next Decade Posters Presentations
HORNE, Dr. John    Maximizing Single Target Resolution and Signal to Noise Ratios in Fisheries Acoustic Data Fisheries Acoustics: Honoring the Contributions of John E. Ehrenberg
HU, Dr. Irene    Eddy Correlation Measurements of Benthic Flux Using a Novel Multi-function Sensor Instrumentation
HUNSUCKER, Dr. Kelli    Mineral Accretion: An Environmentally Alternative to Plastic for Oyster Restoration Plastics in the Ocean
HYRUM DAHL, Ms. Emilie    Identification of Marine Plastics using Raman Spectroscopy Plastics in the Ocean
IDRISI, Mr. Amir    Impact of the harsh environment on GFRE and GFRPol composite Materials Science
ILORI, Christopher    Satellite-derived bathymetry using a radiative transfer- based method: A comparison of different atmospheric correction methods Satellite Observations
IOANA, Dr. Cornel    High rate acoustic imagery for underwater object classification in dynamic configuration Sonar Signal Processing
JEONG, Mr. Mingi    A Risk Visualization Technique based on Static and Dynamic Data for Maritime Mobility Surface Vehicles
JEONG, Mr. Seyong    A voyage optimization model of LNG carriers considering boil-off gas Vehicle Navigation
JIANNAN, Mr. Wu    Overall Design and Flutter Motion Analysis of a Semi-active Manta Ray Robot AUV Design
JIN, Dr. Chungkuk    Effects of Submergence Depth of Submerged Floating Tunnel on Global Behaviors under Waves and Earthquakes Offshore Structures
JO, Wonse    Development of an Unmanned Surface Vehicle for Harmful Algae Removal Posters Presentations
JONES, Brent    Underwater sediment sampler used on a neutral buoyancy seeking lagrangian float Instrumentation
KAELI, Dr. Jeffrey    Asymmetric Propulsion: Thrust and Maneuverability from a Single Degree of Freedom Maximizing Instruments in Constrained Circumstances
KAELI, Dr. Jeffrey    Online Summaries as a Framework for Perception and Planning in Marine Robotic Systems AUV Path Planning
KAELI, Dr. Jeffrey    A Range-Only Acoustic Localization Technique for Marine Robotics Applications Target Localization and Classification
KARAPETYAN, Ms. Nare    Dynamic Autonomous Surface Vehicle Control and Applications in Environmental Monitoring Posters Presentations
KATAYAMA, Prof. Takafumi    GAN-based Color Correction for Underwater Object Detection Target Localization and Classification
KELLEY, Patrick    Detection of Oil Under Ice: An Acoustic Reverberation Method Posters Presentations
KIM, Do Gyun    Comparison of Single Image Enhancement Techniques for Underwater Color Imaging Posters Presentations
KIM, Mr. Hansoo    Mid-frequency sound attenuation by dense fish schools Acoustic Oceanography
KIM, Mr. Jason    3-D Reconstruction of Underwater Objects Using Image Sequences from Optical Camera and Imaging Sonar Imaging & Vision
KING, Mr. Tony    Development of Iceberg Profiling Technology Exhibitor Technical Talks
KITA, Mr. Tsukasa    Experimental Study on Mitigation of Acceleration Exerted on Underwater Robot by Collisions with Structures AUV Design
KLAMO, Prof. Joseph    On the Validity of Predicting Wave-induced Loads on a Submerged Body Using the Superposition of Regular Wave Results Vessel Performance
KOCH, Mr. Justin    Development of a Robotic Arm for Mini-Class ROV Dexterous Manipulation ROV & ROV Tools
KOHUT, Dr. Josh    Project SWARM: The application of an integrated polar ocean observing system to map the physical mechanisms driving food web focusing in an Antarctic biological hotspot. Polar & Under Ice
KOO, Dr. Sungmin    KIO-Gaon: a modular designed Remotely Operated Vehicle for versatile operations Posters Presentations
KUSTERS, Mr. John    Wave Characterization and Timing using Doppler Radar RF Systems
LAMOTHE, Philip    Preliminary Exterior Design and Hydrodynamic Evaluation of a Small-Scale Underwater Glider AUV Design
LARSEN, Amy    Quantifying Local Currents and their affects on Coral Reefs in French Polynesia Currents
LEADBITTER, Mr. Philip    A methodology for Thorpe scaling 512 Hz fast thermistor data from buoyancy-driven gliders to estimate turbulent kinetic energy dissipation rates in the ocean Posters Presentations
LEANNA, Mr. Andrew    Fuel Cell Power to Enable Subsea Observation and Maintenance Platforms Exhibitor Technical Talks
LEARY, Dr. Paul    Real-time multi-channel acoustic beamforming using a lightweight microcontroller processor Sound Propagation
LEE, Mr. Junho    Effect of Wing Plates of a Multiline Ring Anchor System in Cohesive Soils Offshore Structures
LEE, Mr. Louis    Maritime Task Allocation, Scheduling, and Simulation-Based Evaluation Coordinated Multi-Vehicles
LEE, Wu-Jung    Tensor decomposition of multi-frequency echosounder time series Bioacoustics
LI, Prof. Chunyan    Tidal Currents and eddies around Islands - ship-based measurements in Zhoushan Archipelago on the East China Continental Shelf Currents
LI, Dr. Yanjun    Design and experimental study of Underwater Inflatable Co-prime Sonar Array (UICSA) Moorings & Cables
LI, Dr. Yanjun    Algorithmic Design and Implementation of Unobtrusive Multistatic Serial LiDAR Imager (UMSLI) Lidar
LI, Dr. Yanjun    Weakly supervised learning of point-level annotation for coral image segmentation Imaging & Vision
LI, Mr. Yongfei    A depth-correlation method for velocity inversion of internal soliton waves Acoustic Oceanography
LIANG, Ms. Yuke    Propeller underwater cleaning trajectory planning Pollution
LITTLEFIELD, Robin    Seafloor Cable Based Navigation and Monitoring with Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Vehicle Navigation
LIU, Mr. Xiaodong    MLFFNet: Multi-level Feature Fusion Net for Underwater Image Enhancement Imaging & Vision
LOBAO, Ms. Ashley    Ebb & Flow: Creating Social Trust of Ocean Technology Data through Communication and Education Posters Presentations
LORENTZEN, Mr. Ole    Fusion Digital Terrain Models for Synthetic Aperture Sonar Interferometry Synthetic Aperture Sonar
LOWELL, Dr. Kim    Maximizing Bathymetry Extraction from Lidar Point Clouds Using Machine Learning to Decompose the Confusion Matrix Lidar
LOWES, Mr. Gavin    Low Energy, Passive Acoustic Sensing for Wireless Underwater Monitoring Networks Target Localization & Classification
LUO, Mr. Shaocheng    Image Processing and Model-Based Spill Coverage Path Planning for Unmanned Surface Vehicles Pollution
MACK, Mr. Kevin    Time-of-Flight (ToF) Cameras for Underwater Situational Awareness Posters Presentations
MAHFUZ, Dr. Hassan    Enhancing Debond Fracture Toughness of Sandwich Composites for Marine Current Turbine Blades Materials Science
MANLEY, Mr. Justin    Waypoints on the Voyage to Autonomous Ships Surface Vehicles
MARQUES, Prof. Mario    Low cost AIS transponder using an SDR device RF Systems
MARSTON, Dr. Timothy    Three dimensional fast factorized back projection for sub-sediment imaging sonars Synthetic Aperture Sonar
MARSTON, Dr. Timothy    Improving downlooking SAS resolution with transmitter spatial diversity Sonar & Transducers
MARTIN, Iain    Evaluation of Both Linear and Non-Linear Control Strategies for a Shipboard Marine Gantry Crane Numerical Modeling
MARTINI, Andrew    Deployment Forces and Dynamics for the Southern Ocean Flux Series (SOFS) Mooring Moorings & Cables
MARTINI, Dr. Kim    Measuring the bottom half of the ocean: The SBE 61 CTD Posters Presentations
MARTINS, Alfredo    Low Cost Underwater Acoustic Positioning System with a Simplified DoA Algorithm Acoustic Localization
MATSUMOTO, Dr. Haru    Field testing and performance evaluation of the Long-term Acoustic Real-Time Sensor for Polar Areas (LARA) Polar & Under Ice
MAZHAR, Dr. Suleman    Detecting cracks in underwater concrete structures: an unsupervised learning approach based on local feature clustering Imaging & Vision
MCCAMMON, Mr. Seth    Onboard Autonomy System for the Slocum Glider Glider Navigation
MCDONALD, Glenn    Thermal Management: Heat Transfer Using CoolPlug Cooling Instrumentation
MCINERNEY, Ms. Jasmin    How to Fly an Autonomous Underwater Glider to Measure an Internal Wave Glider Navigation
MEEK, Curran    Fast Autonomous Underwater Exploration using a Hybrid Focus Model with Semantic Representation Posters Presentations
MEIJER, Mr. Marco    Mismatched Filtering of Doppler Tolerant Codes for Multi-code Sonar Systems Maximizing Instruments in Constrained Circumstances
MEIJER, Mr. Marco    Frequency invariant beamformers for underwater sound Acoustic Signal Processing
MELO, Jose    AUV Mapping of Underwater Targets Numerical Modeling
MIGLIETTA, Ms. Victoria    Current turbine array placement in quasigeostrophic flows over bottom Ocean Energy
MIKKELSEN, Mr. Anders    The world's most efficient and environmentally friendly coastal shipping Surface Vehicles
MIKKELSEN, Dr. Ole    New capabilities for the LISST-200X: Improved datalogging, integration options and long-term deployment Exhibitor Technical Talks
MILES, Dr. Travis    Impact of glider data assimilation on the Global Ocean Forecasting System during the 2018 hurricane season Numerical Modeling
MILLAR, Mr. David    How Modern Multibeam Surveys can Dramatically Increase our Understanding of the Seafloor and Waters Above in Support of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development Imaging & Vision
MINA, Mr. Tamzidul    A Novel Double Layered Weighted Potential Field Framework for Multi-USV Navigation towards Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance in a Constrained Maritime Environment Posters Presentations
MITTAL, Ms. Khushboo    Real-time Motion-planning of Curvature-constrained AUVs under Steady Ocean Currents AUV Path Planning
MITTAL, Ms. Khushboo    Minimum-time Motion-Planning of AUVs under Spatially Varying Ocean Currents AUV Path Planning
MOLONEY, Ms. John    Lessons Learned from the OceanObserver Glider Deployment in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, 2018 Exhibitor Technical Talks
MONDEN, Mr. Takuya    Successful Repeated Docking under Fluctuating Current Disturbances in Real Sea Vehicle Navigation
MORAN, Dr. Kate    A multi-use and multi-stakeholder ocean observing platform system Systems & Observations
MORAN, Dr. Kate    Northern Cascadia Subduction Zone Observatory (NCSZO): An Interdisciplinary Research Initiative to Assess Tsunami and Earthquake Hazard from the Cascadia Megathrust Offshore Earthquakes
MORENCY, Mr. Christopher    Development of a Simulation Environment for Evaluation of a Forward Looking Sonar System for Small AUVs AUV Path Planning
MOWER, John    Pulse Compression for an X-band Marine Wave-Sensing Radar Instrumentation
MULLISON, Jerald    Field Verification of the Pinnacle ADCP Current Measurement
MURPHY, Benjamin    Lab-on-a-chip sensor for in situ nutrient monitoring Posters Presentations
NI, Haiyan     Deep Learning for DOA Estimation Using a Vector Hydrophone Acoustic Localization
NI, Ms. Haiyan    Model-Based Sediment Characterization Using Multibeam Angular Backscatter Data Target Localization & Classification
NI, Ms. Haiyan    Comparison of Single-beam and Multibeam Sonar Systems for Sediment Characterization: Results from Shallow Water Experiment Acoustic Oceanography
NICHOLS, Ms. Jacqueline    Early results from an experimental fuel cell powered, long range, unmanned underwater vehicle with anchoring capability Exhibitor Technical Talks
NICHOLS, Robert    Long-Range Maritime Communications through a Multi-Link Ensemble Acoustic Comunications
NIE, Prof. Yunli    Research on Vibration Reduction Method for an Autonomous Ocean Turbulence Measurement Platform Instrumentation
NIELSEN, Dr. Mikkel    Underwater 6-DoF Pose Estimation with Deep Learning AUV Design
NIELSEN, Dr. Mikkel    Deep Learning for Station Keeping of AUVs Vehicle Control
NIEVES, Eric    Applying Blind Source Separation to Magnetic Anomaly Detection Algorithms Numerical Modeling
O'FLYNN, Dr. Brendan    Development of a low-power underwater RFID-enabled data acquisition system to classify fish behaviour Posters Presentations
OKOPAL, Dr. Greg    Multi-Objective Autonomy for AUV Adaptive Sampling Missions AUV Path Planning
OLIVA AFONSO, Mr. António    Underwater Object Recognition: A Domain-Adaption Methodology of Machine Learning Classifiers Posters Presentations
OLIVEIRA, Mr. Pedro    Experimental evaluation of segmentation algorithms for corner detection in sonar images Posters Presentations
OSEN, Mr. Ottar    Integration and Performance Study of Full Functional Sea Farm Inspection Platform for Aquaculture Application Aquaculture & Fish Technology
OSHIRO, Ms. Shiho    A Prototype Wireless Underwater Robot Control system using a 32 kHz Bandwidth Underwater Small Area Acoustic Network (USAAN) Acoustic Communications
PACKARD, Ms. Gwyneth    New AUV Adaptive Behaviors for Subsea Data Exfiltration Vehicle Control
PALRAJ, Mr. Manmathakrishnan    Design and Performance evaluation of Single axis gyrostabilizer for motion stabilization of a scaled barge model Offshore Structures
PANG, Dr. Shuo    Development of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle for Water Tunnel Inspection AUV Design
PEARLMAN, Dr. Jay    Ocean Best Practices - Supporting a Transparent and Accessible Ocean Best Practices
PELEKANAKIS, Dr. Konstantinos    Robust Channel Parameters for Crypto Key Generation in Underwater Acoustic Systems Acoustic Communications
PELLETIER, Leo-Paul    Delivery of Accurate Timing to Subsea Instruments via Optic Modem Technology with the Added Benefit of Optical Range Measurement Instrumentation
PESSANHA SANTOS, Nuno    AUTOLAND project: Fixed-wing UAV Landing on a Fast Patrol Boat using Computer Vision Imaging & Vision
PESSANHA SANTOS, Nuno    3D Model-Based UAV Pose Estimation using GPU Imaging & Vision
PETROCCIA, Dr. Roberto    Optimizing adaptive communications in Underwater Acoustic Networks Acoustic Communications
PRASAD, Bijoy    Pitching and heaving motion of an unmanned catamaran vehicle in head seas Surface Vehicles
PREZIUSO, Danielle    Evaluating the tidal energy resource for smooth power output and grid integration in the United States Ocean Energy
PROBST, Greg    Autonomous Hull Grooming Robots - How advanced navigation and control technology can enable routine grooming to improve fuel efficiency and reduce maintenance costs Exhibitor Technical Talks
QIN, Dr. Xiangzhao    Bayesian Iterative Channel Estimation for Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Underwater Acoustic Communications Acoustic Communications
QIN, Dr. Xiangzhao    Block Soft Decision Feedback Turbo Equalization for Orthogonal Signal-Division Multiplexing Underwater Acoustic Communications Acoustic Communications
QU, Mr. junqi    Study on "Valley" Phenomenon of Vibration Frequency Response Curve Based on Free Damping Structure Offshore Structures
RAMASAMY, Dr. Venkatesan    Observing the Oceans in real time Need for affordable Technology and Capacity Development Marine Policy
RAMEY, Mr. Charles    A Middleware Bridge Between MOOS and LCM AUV Design
RAULEFS, Ronald    Cellular VHF Data Exchange System RF Systems
REED, Albert    Using Rendering and Generative Adversarial Networks for Synthetic SAS Image Generation Synthetic Aperture Sonar
REEVE, Lora    Transboundary Pollution in the New Legally Binding Instrument Under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea: The Case for Anthropogenic Underwater Noise Marine Policy
REN, Dr. Jinyun    High-Frequency Sonar Calibration Using Thin Wires as Standard Point Targets Sonar & Transducers
RISIEN, Mr. Craig    The NANOOS Visualization System (NVS): A Decade of Development and Progress Addressing Stakeholder Needs Data Visualization
ROARTY, Dr. Hugh    Implementation of a Sargassum Seaweed Tracker for the Caribbean Pollution
ROARTY, Dr. Hugh    Evaluation of the SeaSonde Tsunami Detection Algorithm and Software Offshore Earthquakes
ROBINSON, Mr. Luke    An Experimental Study of the Effects of the Evaporation Duct on Microwave Propagation RF Systems
ROBINSON, Mr. Luke    Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Network Enhanced Automatic Visual Servoing Algorithm for ROV Manipulators ROV & ROV Tools
ROCHE, Dr. Ben    Symmetrical Triangular LFM for Underwater Acoustic Communications Acoustic Communications
ROCHE, Ben    A Model for Variations of Sound Speed and Attenuation from Seabed Gas Emissions Sound Propagation
ROCHE, Mr. Ben    Natural seabed gas leakage -- variability imposed by tidal cycles Acoustic Oceanography
RODRIGUEZ-ALEGRE, Ms. Irene    Improved HF Radar sensing of Ocean Surface Currents Posters Presentations
ROMAINE, Mr. Peter    Analysis of Backscatter Measurements From Calibrated Synthetic Aperture Sonar Images Synthetic Aperture Sonar
ROMAN, Christopher    Localization of a Drifting Underwater Vehicle Using a Terrain-Based Particle Filter Imaging & Vision
ROSS, Mr. Jordan    Autonomous zero visibility quadrotor landings towards persistent ship-based UAV ocean observations Systems & Observations
RUFO, Mr. Mike    Multipurpose Above/Below Surface Expendable Dropsonde Exhibitor Technical Talks
RZHANOV, Prof. Yuri    On the (Im)possibility of Color Reconstruction in Underwater Images Imaging & Vision
SARDA, Dr. Edoardo    Remote Monitoring of Surface Conditions in Ice Covered Waters using Acoustic Reverberation Polar & Under Ice
SCHUBEL, Dr. Jerry    Pacific Visions: A Bold Departure for an Aquarium to Enhance Ocean Education Marine Policy
SEN GUPTA, Ananya    Sonar Signaling Employing Braid-encoded Features on Sparse Gabor Dictionaries Sonar Signal Processing
SERI, Ms. Sai Geetha    Long Range Passive Ocean Acoustic Waveguide Remote Sensing (POAWRS) of Seismic Air-gun Signals Received on a Coherent Hydrophone Array Acoustic Oceanography
SHIN, Dr. Changjoo    Behavior Analysis of Underwater Free Fall Cone Penetration Tester Maximizing Instruments in Constrained Circumstances - 2
SHINOHARA, Prof. Masanao    Distributed Acoustic Sensing measurement by using seafloor optical fiber cable system off Sanriku for seismic observation Offshore Earthquakes
SHORMANN, Dr. David    Performance evaluation of a humpback whale-inspired hydrofoil design applied to surfboard fins Surface Vehicles
SHRIVASTAVA, Mr. Neeraj    Innovative Ropes for Enhanced On-board Safety Posters Presentations
SILVA, António    Tank and field experiments of short-range acoustic propagation through a seagrass canopy Acoustic Oceanography
SINGLETON, Mr. Joe    Design and Development of a Novel Autonomous Moored Underwater Profiler Systems & Observations
SINISTERRA, Dr. Armando    Performance characterization and comparison of conventional and machine-learning-based techniques for control of a USV Vehicle Control
SKALDEBØ, Mr. Martin    Dynamic Positioning of an Underwater Vehicle using Monocular Vision-Based Object Detection with Machine Learning ROV & ROV Tools
SKLIVANITIS, Dr. George    Design and Experimental Evaluation of an Active Underwater Inflatable Co-prime Sonar Array (UICSA) Acoustic Signal Processing
SKOG, Dr. Isaac    Signals of Opportunity based Geometry Calibration of Hydrophone Arrays Sonar & Transducers
SLADE, Dr. Wayne    LISST-Horizon: Instrument for Measurement of Oceanic Particle Size Distribution from Submicron to Mesoplankton in Flow-through Systems Posters Presentations
SLADE, Dr. Wayne    HYPERBB: Instrument for Measurement of Hyperspectral Backscattering in Natural Waters Posters Presentations
SONG, Mr. Young-woon    Simulation and Feasibility Test of Mini-ROVs with AUV for the Manipulation Purpose Coordinated Multi-Vehicles
SORACCO, Mr. Michael    NOAA CoastWatch: Meeting User Requirements in the Distribution of Ocean Remote Sensing Data & Products Satellite Observations
SORACCO, Michael    NOAA Coastwatch/ Oceanwatch/ Polarwatch: A bridge from ocean satellite data to applications and information Satellite Observations
SORIAL, Mr. Mina    Towards a Real Time Obstacle Detection System for Unmanned Surface Vehicles Lidar
SPAULDING, Reggie    The Novel Design Of The Pressure-Compensated inexpensive Submersible Autonomous Moored Instrument (PiSAMI) Provides High Quality Seawater pH Measurements At Depths To 60 Meters Exhibitor Technical Talks
SREMBA, Dr. Angela    'Genoustics': Combining near-field acoustic records and genetic identity of an individual blue whale off the central Oregon coast Bioacoustics
STAINES, Mr. Garrett    Using acoustic telemetry for high resolution sablefish movement informing potential interactions with a tidal turbine Ocean Energy
STANKOVIC, Ms. Isidora    Transmitted Sequence Influence to Sonar Target Detection using Compressive Sensing Maximizing Instruments in Constrained Circumstances
STEELE, Shannon-Morgan    Performance Prediction for a Low Frequency Ultra-Wideband Synthetic Aperture Sonar Exhibitor Technical Talks
STEELE, Shannon-Morgan    Shallow Water Survey with a Miniature Synthetic Aperture Sonar Synthetic Aperture Sonar
STEIG, Mr. Tracey    Summary of Some Research Developments by Dr. John Ehrenberg in Fisheries Sonal and Acoustic Telemetry Over the Last 3 Decades Fisheries Acoustics: Honoring the Contributions of John E. Ehrenberg
STEINMETZ, Mr. Fabian    Resilience against Shipping Noise and Interference in Low-Power Acoustic Underwater Communication Acoustic Communications
STEPEC, Mr. Dejan    Automated System for Ship Detection from Medium Resolution Satellite Optical Imagery Satellite Observations
STEVENS, Mr. Andrew    Faster Multibeam Sonar Data Cleaning: Evaluation of Editing 3D Point Clouds using Immersive VR Data Visualization
SUCHY, Mr. Mariano     The greatest challenge for URN reduction in the oceans by means of acoustic engineering. Acoustic Oceanography
SUNG, Mr. Li    Design of Hydrofoiling Sensor Platforms using Novel Control Optimization Strategies Posters Presentations
SUNG, Mr. Minsung    Convolutional-Neural-Network-based Underwater Object Detection Using Sonar Image Simulator with Randomized Degradation Target Localization and Classification
SUZUKI, Mr. Kohei    Multipath and Doppler Shift Modeling under Highly Reflective Environment for Underwater Acoustic Communication Acoustic Communications
TAKADA, Mr. Keisaku    Multipath Error Reduction of Direction of Arrival Measurement in Underwater Acoustic Localization Acoustic Localization
TAN, Dr. Chunyang    Implementation of internal and external reference electrodes in an in-situ chemical sensor on cabled ocean observatory applications Posters Presentations
TAN, Ms. Yu Herng    Design of a Morphable Multirotor Aerial-Aquatic Vehicle Posters Presentations
TANG, LIUJUAN    Assimilating DART Data into an Upgrade of VDatum for the US West Coast Instrumentation
TANG, Mr. Wenshuo    The application of Machine Learning and Low Frequency Sonar Inspection for Subsea Power Cable Integrity Evaluation Target Localization & Classification
TANG, Mr. Wenshuo    The Design of a Fusion Prognostic Model and Health Management tool for Subsea Power Cables Moorings & Cables
TEIXEIRA, Mr. Bernardo    Deep Learning Approaches Assessment for Underwater Scene Understanding and Egomotion Estimation Posters Presentations
THODI, Dr. Premkumar    Experimental Investigations for Enhancing Mechanical Oil Spill Recovery using Air Flotation Technique Exhibitor Technical Talks
TIAN, Mr. Hongzhi    Photo-Model-Based Stereo-Vision 3D Perception for Marine Creatures Catching by ROV Imaging & Vision
TIAN, Dr. Qiyan    Performance and Experiment of Deep-sea Master-slave Servo Electric Manipulator ROV & ROV Tools
TORRES, Alejandro    Correlating Water Quality and Profile Data in the Florida Keys Posters Presentations
TOTH, Mr. John    ***WITHDRAWN*** In a Time of Change; Commercializing an Underwater Wet-mate Connector for Higher Fiber Counts and Increased Voltage Requirements Across All Industries. Exhibitor Technical Talks
TOUNTAS, Mr. Konstantinos    Beacon-assisted Underwater Localization by L1-norm Space-Time Tensor Subspaces Acoustic Localization
TRAPANESE, Prof. Marco    Small Island developing states: Overview about wind, solar and marine energy in Cuba. Ocean Energy
TRAPANESE, Prof. Marco    A sliding mass wave energy converter. Ocean Energy
TRAPANESE, Prof. Marco    Supplying small islands with solar, wind and sea wave. An economic approach to find the best energy share Ocean Energy
TRAPANESE, Prof. Marco    A state of art on plastics in the oceans: Observation and Mitigation Methods Plastics in the Ocean
TRAPANESE, Prof. Marco    A new solution for the sea wave exploitation. A Linear Ironless Generator Ocean Energy
TSIMENIDIS, Dr. Charalampos    Coded Spread-Sprectrum for Low-Latency Underwater Acoustic Communications Acoustic Communications
TSONTOS, Dr. Vardis    Integrated Support of NASA Satellite and In-situ Oceanographic Data via the PO.DAAC Satellite Observations
UNDERWOOD, Mr. Mark    Opportunistic real-world evaluation of instrumentation performance and stability Instrumentation
UPDYKE, Teresa    The Impact of Reprocessing Efforts on the Mid-Atlantic's Surface Current Product Best Practices
UTSUNOMIYA, Mr. Koushi    Development of a Floating LBL System and a Lightweight ROV for Sky to Water System Systems & Observations
VASILE, Dr. Gabriel    Experimental Acoustic Data Analysis for Fish Detection Using an Active Ultrasound System Aquaculture & Fish Technology
VELASCO, Mr. David    Long range current measurement from a surface buoy in the Gulf of Mexico Current Measurement
VELASCO, Mr. David    Introducing the new Nortek Eco ADCP: where portability inspires possibility Exhibitor Technical Talks
VICEN-BUENO, Dr. Raul    ISR sensors to increase the security of underwater communication cables: Case study for coastal and shallow water areas Maximizing Instruments in Constrained Circumstances - 2
VICEN-BUENO, Dr. Raul    Live tasking / command and control (C2) of ISR unmanned underwater gliders from remote operational sites Maximizing Instruments in Constrained Circumstances - 2
VISWANATH, Dr. Kamal    Evaluation of Surrogate Models for Multi-fin Flapping Propulsion Systems Surface Vehicles
WALLEN, Mr. Jonathan    Underwater Docking System for a Wave Energy Converter based Mobile Station Ocean Energy
WANG, Mr. Lingxiao    Chemical Plume Tracing and Chemical Source Mapping using AUV based on POMDP Numerical Modeling
WANG, Peng    Effects of Hemispherical End-caps Geometric Optimization on Fatigue Life of Ceramic Pressure Housing Materials Science
WANG, Mr. William    ArduinoSub A Low-Cost ROV Kit for Ocean Engineering Education Education and Outreach
WANG, Ms. Yanran    Control of Ship Radiated Underwater Noise Vessel Performance
WATANABE, Prof. Keisuke    Basic research on application of LNG fuel to Japanese Tuna Longline Fishing Vessel and Fish Carrier Vessel Performance
WESTINGTON, Ms. Meredith    Creating a Seafloor Mapping Plan to Fill U.S. Gaps by 2030 Marine Policy
WILLIAMS, Christopher    Deployable Bathymetric Sensor Technology to Enable Citizen Scientists in the Nearshore Environment Posters Presentations
WILSON, Dr. David     WEC Array Networked Microgrid Control Design and Energy Storage System Requirements Ocean Energy
WILSON, Dr. David     Nonlinear WEC Optimized Geometric Buoy Design for Efficient Reactive Power Requirements Ocean Energy
WILSON, James    An Online Coverage Path Planning Algorithm for Curvature-Constrained AUVs Maximizing Instruments in Constrained Circumstances
WILSON, James    Novel Motion Models for Time-Optimal Risk-Aware Motion Planning for Variable-Speed AUVs AUV Path Planning
WILSON, Dr. Katherine    Development and evaluation of a passive acoustic localization method to monitor fish spawning aggregations and measure source levels Bioacoustics
WILSON, Mr. William    Improving Current Measurements from Wave Buoys: Results from a Successful Five-Year Collaborative Development Project Current Measurement
WIRSING, Markus    Investigating R-Mode Signals for the VDE System Surface Vehicles
WOLBRECHT, Dr. Eric    Improving AUV Localization Accuracy by Combining Ultra-Short-Baseline and Long-Baseline Measurements Systems in a Post-Processing Extended Kalman Filter Acoustic Localization
WOLF, Mr. Mitchell    Best Practices in Data Management at Ocean Networks Canada: a Citizen Scientist case study. Best Practices
WOOD, Dr. Stephen    Onboard Renewable Energy Charging Methods to Improve µAUV Deployment Life AUV Design
WOOLSEY, Max    A Diving Autonomous Surface Vehicle for Multi-Robot Research and Development Coordinated Multi-Vehicles
WRIGHT, Prof. Nick    Drone for Dual Flight and Sea Operations: Polar Adaptions and Trials Polar and Under Ice
XU, Dr. Guangyu    Acoustic and In-situ Observations of Hydrothermal Discharge at ASHES Vent Field: an OOI Cabled Array Case Study Posters Presentations
XU, Junhong    Action Learning for Coral Detection and Species Classification Imaging & Vision
XU, Dr. Ming    System Design and Sea Trial of Reciprocating Ocean Profiler based on Potential-energy-driven Instrumentation
XU, Zhizun    A Visual-Inertial Odometry System for Underwater Vehicles Vehicle Navigation
XU, Ms. Zhuoyi    Experimental simulation of upper ocean's vertical dynamic response to a tropical cyclone:pumping and mixing Currents
YAN, Mr. Shuxue    The Application of the Haidou Autonomous and Remotely-operated Vehicle in the third Mariana Trench scientific expedition of China AUV Design
YANG, Jing    Diver Gesture Recognition using Deep Learning for Underwater Human-Robot Interaction Target Localization and Classification
YANG, Dr. Yang    Design and implementation of a real-time underwater acoustic telemetry system for fish behavior study and environmental sensing Aquaculture & Fish Technology
YANG, Zhaoqing    Development of a multi-scale wave model to support wave energy characterization in Hawaii, USA Posters Presentations
YIN, Ms. Lijun    Structrue of low-frequency short-range reverberation in shallow water Sound Propagation
YOON, Dr. Suk-Min    Pitch and Depth Keeping of Moored-type Underwater Acoustic Array System Moorings & Cables
YOUNG, Dr. Andrew    Performance bounds for waveguide-invariant-based receiver localization Target Localization & Classification
YOUNG, Raymond    Autonomy system for USV/UUV coordinated sampling Coordinated Multi-Vehicles
ZAMAN, Dr. Hasanat    Loadings on the Topside of a Gravity Based Offshore Structure Due to Drifting Ice Masses By Extreme Waves Polar and Under Ice
ZANG, Dr. Wenchuan    Research on Constraining Trajectories of Underwater Gliders Under the Influence of Ocean Currents Based on DQN Algorithm Vessel Performance
ZANG, Dr. Xiaoqin    Does the Hood Canal Bridge traffic noise affect migrating steelhead smolts? Bioacoustics
ZANG, Dr. Xiaoqin    Machine learning for automated detection of migrating adult eels from ARIS sonar images Posters Presentations
ZHENG, Dr. Rosa    Error Correction Decoding for Underwater Acoustic Tag Detection Instrumentation
ZHENG, Dr. Yahong    Cross Evaluation of Multiple Access Schemes Using Post-Experimental Field Data for Underwater Acoustic Communications Acoustic Comunications
ZHOU, Ms. Xiao-jing    Rudder Design of Underwater Glider with Diamond Wing Glider Navigation
ZHU, Prof. Hai    Electronically Controlled Deep Sea Sampling Tube Pressure Maintaining Cutting Device Capable of Long-term Use Instrumentation